Full-Spectrum Doula Services

The Turtle Moon Immersion

Sebastopol / Santa Rosa

Doula Services Sebastopol

Melanie Corrigan, maven of Turtle Moon Birth, is a mother and has been a doula since 1998.  As a doula, she provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint and assistance in getting the information a woman needs to make empowered decisions through any reproductive experience.  

Melanie brings the doula model of care to the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences.  She not only lovingly cares for women and their partners/families during the childbearing year, but she also provides grounded, heart-centered support to honor abortion, miscarriage and stillbirth.  

In addition, The Turtle Moon Immersion is a comprehensive package that provides not only private birth preparation and birth & postpartum doula care, but also additional services such as birth art & birth story sessions as well as participation in Awakening Mothers circles.  All doula services are fully customizable to the needs of the individual mother and family.

Birthing From Within™ Classes

Individualized, Private Sessions


Birthing From Within™ Classes are holistic, flexible and in-depth preparation for birth and parenthood. Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, having your first or subsequent child, hoping for a natural labor or still exploring your options, you will learn how to remain present, mindful and connected no matter how labor unfolds.

These classes offer the best of both worlds – food for the soul and practical tools for understanding and coping with labor. It is Melanie’s intention that all couples who take her private classes deepen their connection and form a strong team that works well in labor. She uses a variety of modalities to help moms and their partners explore their beliefs, their stories and uncover their innate wisdom in an engaging and safe atmosphere.

Awakening Mothers

A Community for Expectant Mothers


Turtle Moon Birth Classes Sebastopol

Awakening Mothers is a reflection of Turtle Moon Birth’s commitment to mothers, fathers, babies, families, strong communities and a healthy planet.

The community experience of Awakening Mothers is heart-based with an approach informed by Birthing From Within™, The Hendricks Institute, Indigenous Science and the wealth of Sonoma County’s birth community.  It’s also informed by Melanie’s felt-sense as a woman, a mother and almost two decades of supporting and loving women and their families through the transformation of the childbearing year.

Meet Melanie Corrigan

Birthing From Within™ Mentor & Educator • Certified Doula

Sebastopol / Santa Rosa

Melanie fell in love with supporting women and their partners after her first doula training in 1998. With guidance of open-hearted midwives, she developed her philosophy and skills in tending families during birth. Inspired by midwifery and her study of human potential, she quickly developed a passion for mentoring expectant parents during their childbearing year.  This passion was further solidified when she met and trained with Pam England, author and creator of the birth preparation method Birthing From Within™.

Melanie’s graduate education, an adjunct program of the World Indigenous Science Network, began a passionate inquiry within her:  how does an individual take on the necessary healing in our disconnected, western culture?  An industrial culture with profound imbalance that worships the intellect and fierce independence over interdependence and the wisdom of the heart. She found, in conversations with tribal elders about western culture, the dialogue would inevitably include not only these aspects of disconnection, but also the enormous impact of forgetting ancestral wisdom . . .