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The Birthing From Within™ Method of Childbirth Preparation is holistic, flexible and in-depth exploration for labor, birth and parenthood. Whether you are planning a home, birth center or hospital birth, are having your first or subsequent child, are hoping for a natural labor or still exploring your options, a Birthing From Within™ class can help you and your partner learn how to remain present, mindful and connected no matter how labor unfolds.

Birthing From Within™ Private Class Sessions offer the best of both worlds – food for the soul and practical tools for understanding and coping with labor. The intention of these sessions is to provide couples the opportunity to deepen their connection, receive in-depth/individual attention and to form a strong team that works well in labor. A variety of modalities are used to help mothers and their partners explore their beliefs, their stories and uncover their innate wisdom in an engaging and safe space.

In a culture bombarded with information, typical childbirth classes are often facts and tips you could just as well find by surfing the Internet or reading a book.  But true preparation for a journey such as this has little to do with assimilating obstetric information.  Birthing From Within™ prepares parents for birth as a profound rite of passage.

The best time to register for a Private Class Session is at the end of your second trimester. These sessions are offered in a 4-week format and tailored to your individual schedule.  Both first-time parents and seasoned parents benefit greatly from these sessions, which contain a fair amount of soulful home explorations & practices to deepen the time together.

If you think having additional research-based information about birth will give you peace of mind, you may benefit from visiting the Evidence Based Birth website and complementing this research with a Birthing From Within™ class.

Birthing From Within Refresher Group Classes Sebastopol

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Birthing From Within Group Classes Sebastopol

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