Birthing From Within™ Mentor & Educator • Certified Doula


Melanie Corrigan Birth Educator Doula

Melanie fell in love with supporting women and their partners after her first doula training in 1998. With guidance of open-hearted midwives, she developed her philosophy and skills in tending families during birth. Inspired by midwifery and her study of human potential, she quickly developed a passion for mentoring expectant parents during their childbearing year.  This passion was further solidified when she met and trained with Pam England, author and creator of the birth preparation method Birthing From Within™.

Melanie’s graduate education, an adjunct program of the World Indigenous Science Network, began a passionate inquiry within her:  how does an individual take on the necessary healing in our disconnected, western culture?  An industrial culture with profound imbalance that worships the intellect and fierce independence over interdependence and the wisdom of the heart. She found, in conversations with tribal elders about western culture, the dialogue would inevitably include not only these aspects of disconnection, but also the enormous impact of forgetting ancestral wisdom.

Through this study, Melanie became deeply aware of the patterns of forgetting in her tribal lines (Celt, Cherokee, Anglo-Saxon & Jewish). This precipitated profoundly healing experiences in her own life and she began to see clearly, these cultural imbalances also reflected in the expectant parents she mentored.  These expectant parents were longing not only for more connection and community with other parents, but also something else they couldn’t quite define; a deeper experience of this significant life journey of parenting that begins with conceiving a child.  With the re-membering happening in her own life, an idea began to take shape within her . . . a solution to meet this need she witnessed in parents.  And this is how Turtle Moon Birth, Awakening Mothers and The Turtle Moon Immersion has come to be.

Melanie is constantly learning, integrating and being inspired by parents and colleagues.  She is delighted and grateful to offer her services and mentoring to Sonoma County expectant parents.

During her limited free time as a birth mentor/educator and doula, Melanie likes to grow succulents and flowers, build nature altars, spend quiet time with horses, enjoy deep conversations about life and love, play with art, dance with abandon and talk to the ocean and trees.

Relevant BirthWorker Education and Training

1998 DONA Training and Certification

2000 Reiki Practitioner Training (Master level)

2002 Birthing From Within™ Mentor and Doula Training

2006 Bach Flower Essence Practitioner Training

2012 Birth Story Medicine Training

2012 Rebozo Training with Gena Kirby

2013 Birthing From Within™ Advanced Mentor Training

2013 – 2016 Midwifery Education:

  • Whapio Diane Bartlett with The Matrona
  • Elizabeth Davis with Heart & Hands
  • National Midwifery Institute
  • Midwifery Apprenticeship with Lara Sodergren, Homebirth Midwife